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Вас приветствует "Всемирный центр портретного искусства"!

Дата: 26.02.2006
Тема: Приветствие

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"Всемирная портретная галерея" КП НП "НПГ" . Портрет. The world portrait gallery! Портреты.
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Welcome to the Museum of Portrait
“World portrait gallery”!
    The world portrait gallery collection of historical portraits has no precedent and is unique. 
The goal of the Museum is to hold in remembrance the images of the outstanding persons of the Russian history, try to understand their historical content and motivations.  
Portraits and biographies of the Russian history and culture creators are represented in the Museum collection in different forms and genres exposing their personalities and places in history as much as possible.  
The Museum fund is formed as a data base.  The world portrait gallery collection includes paintings, graphics, sculptures, documentary films, rare photos, newsreel, interesting interviews, etc.  
    Portraits of well-known historical persons and our contemporaries as well are exhibited in The world portrait gallery.
We believe in your person to find the Museum’s sincere friends, colleagues, companions and assistants supporting the development of The world portrait gallery collection.
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